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Employee recruitment

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In response to the needs of the labour market, our company supplies employees from outside Poland as well. We offer our clients a dynamic intermediated employment process, recruiting personnel resources for specific positions. We recruit employees in order to meet the requirements of our partners who can save time taking on new hires. Thanks to the cooperation with our company, employers are given specialist ready to undertake employment, together with a complete set of documents and pre-employment medical examinations. Our recruits are motivated to act, demonstrating willingness to work and a responsible approach to their assignments. If you entrust us with tasks that are difficult for you to do, you will save time, reduce costs, avoid complicated search and recruitment processes.

Employee leasing

We offer every entrepreneur an opportunity to hire personnel who have their employment relationship established with another entity, being our agency. Our Temporary Employment Agency acts here in its capacity of the employer, where employees work under the Temporary Employment act. An employee is delegated to perform work for the employer – user. This allows the Employer-User to react on an ongoing basis to an increased demand for workforce, as resulting from his/her business growth. If you are an entrepreneur and lack expertise, capabilities, experience and human resources, we will find a solution for you so that you can get what you expect.

Employment outsourcing


It is a modern form of managing a company. We act as an external business partner. You, as our client, entrust us with various tasks, as needed. This measure allows entrepreneurs and firms to focus on their business essentials. Our clients decide to cooperate with our company, entrusting us with all obligations that arise from employing personnel. It is a simple and quick solution responding to a dynamic and unpredictable business growth. Thanks to our cooperation, we have the possibility to carry out certain phases with our clients as regards taking over some processes, acting as a service subcontractor. We also provide you with counselling, we are ready to identify the needs of our clients and meet them by customizing our offer according to specific individual requirements.
Outsourcing pracowników budowlanych
Obsługa zatrudnienia

Employment services


Considering difficulties related to arranging for necessary documents, we replace the client in the handling of all formalities with respect to obtaining residence and work permits, as well as pertaining directly to the employment itself. We take care of the entire organizational process. It is our responsibility to support employees in keeping documents, clearing accounts, dealing with wages, accommodation and transport. If you want the arduous process of collecting documents to be done for you, which will enable you to focus on economic and business aspects of your company’s development, then our offer is for you. We offer HR services, it is supporting administrative operations (all employee personnel and payroll services), within employment contracts, keeping documentation, employee time reporting (sick leaves, annual leaves), preparing employment records.

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