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Our business

We build an employee base by means of job intermediation. We open up an opportunity to employ foreigners. Our clients include individuals and companies who expect support. We offer the employee leasing service or carry out recruitment activities with a given company’s requirements in mind. Contact us and we will suggest the best solution.

Corporate responsibility

We take full responsibility for human resources entrusted to us. We relieve the client, performing difficult task by means of outsourcing activities, we will assume a part of the entrusted operations as an outside company. Being a cooperator, we provide subcontracting. We offer our HR, thanks to which the client does not need to engage in marginal business activities.

Company history

Z-POL was founded by the owner of the company Inspert, working for over 10 years in the constructing sector. The company was established with a view to developing new lines of business. We aim to enhance our clients’ satisfaction. Thanks to this, the company has grown rapidly, supported by the favourable market situation. As a young company, we have expertise based on the extensive experience of our stable and skilled staff.


Who are we?

Our mission is to achieve our clients’ goals. As far as cooperation, the crucial thing for us is being professional and responsible in taking up activities, to be executed in a consistent and timely manner. We undertake ambitious projects, implementing our clients’ business goals, both investment and personnel ones. Many years of cooperation have proved that our service orderers have confidence in us, deriving benefits from our successful relations. We devotedly contribute to successes that our investors and clients achieve. We meet market expectations halfway. Due to the development of the sector, we base our activities on outsourcing, cooperation, human resources and counselling. Our employees value working through our agency, which translates itself into long-term cooperation. In addition, their positive feedback on our company results in recommendations and signing more contracts with prospective personnel.

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