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Contact us in any way and arrange a meeting

Job interview

At the meeting, we will discuss the details of our cooperation and provide necessary information

Decision to take the job

Agreeing the terms and conditions of your employment and signing the contract


Assignment of trial tasks
dla pracowników budowlanych

For employees


We are a company who values good employees, that is why we care about a high standard of our services, relevant job offers and matching these with the needs of an individual client. Many years of our experience in providing foreign employees proves that they perform their duties, as assigned, in a reliable and honest way. Therefore, our client entrepreneurs and firms are very eager to offer positions to personnel that we have recruited. Dear candidate, if you are looking for a job, need an opportunity to develop your career, fair working conditions and support in the demanding employment process, we are waiting just for you. Our experience and effectiveness in employing foreigners, as well as understanding of the labour market, will make the process of searching for a position easier for you. We are ready to provide you with information and present a service offer tailored to meet your needs. We are looking forward to prospective cooperation and you are welcome to contact us.

Terms and conditions of cooperation

We offer searching for a job according to your qualifications, we will respond to your needs and expectations. Transparent employment conditions, efficient recruitment process and assistance in arranging for the formalities – these are our domain. In view of the long-term cooperation with our clients, we offer temporary work on their premises. However, we are your employer, you are only delegated to perform work at our client’s place. We take care of your safety, lawful employment relationship, and offer assistance at any time. You are welcome to contact us and we are looking forward to cooperating with you – we will provide all information and help you find what you are looking for.

Obsługa zatrudnienia

Employment services

We are aware of the difficulties that result from dealing with official matters, in connection with the process of handling all necessary employment formalities. We are ready to offer assistance services in this respect as well. We have many years of experience, besides we approach every case on an individual basis. We guarantee aid in the handling of all formalities regarding residence and work permits, and we will also take you through the process of training and obtaining medical examinations. We offer assistance with respect to dealing with documentation and acquisition of certain rights, as follows:
declarations of entrusting work to a foreigner, work permits for foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland, Residence Cards, temporary residence permits for family reunification, arrangement and carrying out of TÜV tests, appropriate certification/licences to perform work in the assigned position, carrying out required training and receiving relevant certificates.

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Frequently asked questions

Below, you will find a list of questions that we are asked the most often, as well as our answers to these

An hourly wage rate is accepted in our company, its amount depends on the position and the performance standard of assigned tasks. The wages are paid once a month, there is a possibility of receiving advance wage payments as well as discretionary bonuses for very good performance.

Our employees work under civil-law contracts, in the form of a mandate agreement; therefore the work is lawful, with social insurance contributions withheld, they are provided insurance and can use the healthcare system.

Yes, if relevant qualifications are required for a position and the employee is willing to pursue his/her professional development, we provide an opportunity to hold training courses and examinations in order that appropriate documents are obtained for the authorization to practise a profession.

In case the validity period of such a document has expired, we are able to organize and hold a retake so that the employee has a possibility to renew his/her documents and authorizations to perform the assigned tasks.

Yes, our company offers two possibilities to support employees in this respect. The first one is an opportunity to be provided free accommodation, whereas the other one consists in the payment of funds to rent a dwelling on one’s own.

Of course, we are at our prospective employees’ disposal, we offer advice as well as assistance in dealing with official matters in connection with the handling of various formalities.

For employees