Useful websites: offices, Embassy and Consulate

Below, you will find useful links to the websites of the Embassy, Consulate and offices where you can handle necessary formalities.

– Website of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev: www.kijow.msz.gov.pl
– Website of the Polish Consulate in Minsk, Belarus: www.minsk.msz.gov.pl/
– Website of Lubuskie Province Governor’s Office: www.lubuskie.uw.gov.pl
– Website of Lower Silesian Governor’s Office: www.duw.pl
– The Polish Border Guard: www.strazgraniczna.p
– The Office for Foreigners: www.udsc.gov.pludsc.gov.pl
– Interactive application forms system: www.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl


3 June 2020. Visa Application Centres reopen

We kindly inform that Visa Application Centres (Punkty Przyjmowania Wniosków Wizowych, PPWW) will reopen as of 2 June 2020.

In order to ensure the safety of visitors and PPWW staff, visitors will be served in accordance with the following rules:

  • Documents for all visa categories (national visa – type D, Schengen visa – type C) are submitted only following previous registration;
  • Bank branch offices start accepting fees for PPWW services from: Kredobank and IdeaBank – as of 2 June 2020, PrivatBank – as of 5 June 2020;
  • Submission of documents in order to obtain local border traffic permits (MRG cards) is currently unavailable. Please, follow the news published on our website regarding renewed acceptance of MRG applications;
  • Passports are collected at the PPWW only in accordance with previous registration at the website of VFSW Global or via Nova Poshta courier company;
  • Consultations regarding the visa application process are available exclusively via the PPWW electronic mail or call centre (for the email address or call centre phone number – click here);

Safety and health measures:

The Visa Application Centres’ operating principles have been developed on the basis of recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities. We expect your understanding and strict obedience to the below requirements in order to ensure your and PPWW staff’s safety.


  • Entering the PPWW is only allowed following previous registration and only at the appointed time – both to submit
    documents and to collect the passport;
  • Visitors who will call at the PPWW outside the appointed registration time, will not be attended to.
  • Entry into the PPWW is allowed only for registered visitors.
  • Upon entry into the PPWW, body temperature will be taken.
  • The principles of social distancing must be strictly observed (staying 2 meters away from one another).
  • Face masks and gloves must be used obligatorily.
  • Visitors should bring their own pens to sign documents at the PPWW.

Two ways to register for national visas to perform work in agriculture or horticulture and international transport

As of 29.05.2020, 10 a.m., registration is made possible for submission of visa applications in the e-Konsulat system for persons with qualifications to work in agriculture, horticulture and international transport.

Persons who will register for available dates for another purpose than work in agriculture, horticulture and international transport will not be attended to.

Persons who will register for an available date online at www.e-konsulat.gov.pl are obligated to print the visa questionnaire (4 pages). The questionnaire must bear a barcode. Questionnaires filled out by hand or without bar codes will not be accepted.

In addition, on 29.05.2020, from 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., registration by phone is made possible as well at the following phone number: + 38 (057) 757 8801 – you should provide your first name, surname and passport number.

Registration for available dates at other times will not be accepted.

Registration will not be accepted either from persons whose purpose of visit is different from work in agriculture, horticulture and international transport.

Persons registered by phone are obligated to fill out (not register) the application in the e-Konsulat system and print it.

In order to submit the visa application at the consulate, you should observe the following rules:

  • in order to limit the number of people waiting in front of the consulate, you should come to the office according to the appointed time;
  • printing the visa application, you should print all its pages, including the page on which the date and time is of your visit to the consulate is specified (in case of filling out the application after registration by phone, the date and time of submitting the application is not printed on the questionnaire; you should come according to the date as specified during the phone registration);
  • you should have all necessary documents prepared, as referred to at the website https://www.gov.pl/web/ukraina/wiza-typu-d in the section “Jakie dokumenty złożyć” (“What documents should be submitted”);
  • waiting to enter the consulate, you should keep a distance of minimum 1.5 m between other waiting persons.
  • entering the office, you should wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth as well as protective gloves;
  • entering the office, you can only have the complete set of documents with you, all other possessions, in particular bags, must be left before you come in.